Physician and Patient Testimonials

"I have very much been amazed by the AmnioGraft®. I am a fairly high volume pterygium surgeon and as a cornea specialist I get many referrals for recurrent pterygiums. AmnioGraft® has been invaluable in my practice." 

- Amin Ashrafzadeh, M.D.

"I have used AMT in four eyes with Salzmann's nodular corneal dystrophy, and in several other severely scarred or recurrent pterygia, all with good results. I am very impressed with the anti-inflammatory effects of the AmnioGraft®, and am considering other uses."

- Maxwell A. Helfgott, M.D.

"When I travel out of the country, I am able to use this product with confidence because of the positive results I have received from using it at St. Joseph's Hospital in Orange, CA. During my medical missions to Kabul, Afghanistan and Colombia, donated AmnioGraft® was used, and I was extremely pleased with the outcome. Several children with chemical burns and trauma from land mine injury were treated with these grafts...There was one woman who traveled for 5 hours from the mountains...she was found to have corneal scleral thinning. ProKera® was used and after following her up for a week, I was very pleased with the results."

- Aisha Simjee, M.D., F.A.C.S.

"I wanted to thank you for helping me with a difficult case of Stevens Johnson recently...the patient did extraordinarily well, recovering 20/20 vision in each eye with an ocular surface that looks pristine now a few months after her acute episode. I do not think this outcome would have been possible without AmnioGraft®." 

- Steven Safran, M.D.

"I'm happy to write about the success I've had with ProKera® for a variety of indications...Patients with alkali and other chemical injuries, mucous membrane pemphigoid, and Stevens Johnson also do very well with ProKera®. Delayed re-epithelialization from inflammatory conditions and other causes usually turns around fast with this technology. I have not had similar success with dehydrated amniotic membrane preparations. There is much data to support the use of cryopreserved amniotic membrane, which is hardly a new treatment modality." 

- Robert Mack, M.D.

"Using AmnioGraft® for pterygium excision is much less painful for the patient [than conjunctival autograft], and the results are beautiful...I am just a happy customer.  Best of luck."

- Marc H. Shomer, M.D., Ph.D.

"Dr. Sally Mellgren performed the above procedure [AmnioGraft® for conjunctivochalasis] on my right eye and on my left eye. I experienced no problems with the recovery from the procedures. My vision and clarity was much improved and I would recommend it for others experiencing the same problems"

- Shirley Slentz (Patient)