Patient Success Stories

Cliradex® works very well and almost all of my symptoms are gone. I will be telling my optometrist in Ojai when I go back to him. I am very happy about this product. I want to stockpile it in case I need more.” 
- Valerie
Oxnard, CA
“I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror, and was pleasantly surprised to see the whitest eyes I have seen in my head in some time. Both of my eyelids also seem to be less swollen as well (although I had not quite realized how swollen they really were). I am quite amazed with Cliradex®, to think I could have gone on like this for a long time without realizing just how serious a problem I was having.”
- Derry
Miami, FL
“Over the last few years I had been experiencing a lot of eye discomfort and as of late it had started interfering with my quality of life. Unfortunately, as time went on, I noticed that I was not getting the relief that I had originally received when I started using prescription drops. It got to the point where I was waking up in the middle of the night with the feeling that someone had tossed sand in my eyes.
The first day I used Cliradex® I experienced a great deal of relief. I didn’t wake up that night with the sandy grit in my eyes and I didn’t need to use any lubricating eye drops the next day either!
With the relief and increased quality of life that I have experienced since using Cliradex®, I plan on continuing the use of your products and letting others know of how it has changed my life.”
- Mike
Indianapolis, IN
“I have been an allergy sufferer since a teenager, typically sneezing with itchy red eyes in the Spring and again in the Fall (hay fever). I’ve been using Cliradex® for about 3 weeks (it is Spring) and my eye symptoms have greatly diminished. I typically had to use allergy eye drops daily to stop the itching and redness - I have been able to go without eye drops almost entirely now. My eye symptoms have almost totally disappeared and I wake up with clear eyes that feel great all day long. I am very impressed with Cliradex®. Thanks for the great product!”
- Greg M.
Indianapolis, IN
“My eyes have been dry over the past couple of years. They prescribed eye drops, but I was told by a friend who is doing her ophthalmology residency not to use it. She said it was equivalent to a horse tranquilizer. Anyway, seems like I wake up with my eyes feeling better after using your Cliradex® product. They are not shut together from the dryness after I use it.”
- S.O.
Miami, FL
"Dr. Sally Mellgren performed the above procedure [AmnioGraft® for conjunctivochalasis] on my right eye and on my left eye. I experienced no problems with the recovery from the procedures. My vision and clarity was much improved and I would recommend it for others experiencing the same problems" 
- Shirley Slentz
I'm writing to thank you for making such an amazing product!! I've been so frustrated with my eyes over the past couple of years. I had sections of eyelashes that started growing in different directions and always felt as though there was 'something in' my left eye. I used to get compliments on my 'pretty blue eyes,' but now people were more likely to greet me and say, "Oh dear, are you OK? Because I do have Sjogren's, perhaps my doctor was attributing my complaints to that condition, and the dryness it can cause and last year he recommended that I see a dermatologist to have my mild Rosacea treated (I didn't know I had Rosacea). So frustrated, I searched the internet and stumbled on Cliradex! I was so impressed with the science behind your product. The results are so satisfying! After just a few days, the sensation of having something stuck in my eye disappeared completely! My eyes felt less irritated almost from the first application. A week along, and my eyes looked clearer and brighter. Now, after only 19 days, my eyelashes have started aiming in the right direction, and I can see new lashes starting to grow in where they were missing. I'm thrilled! With all the 'snake oil' that's out there, it's so unusual to find an over-the-counter product that truly does what it claims to do and makes such a positive difference. You can pat yourselves on the back for that! My 'pretty blue eyes' are grateful for your work!
Sincerely, - Ms. Cumming

Doctor Success Stories

“No other product on the market has worked for me like Cliradex®. Cliradex®, with the active ingredient from tea tree oil, offers exciting potential. In my practice, I have tremendous demands and a huge waiting list for this product. Can’t wait for its availability.”
- S.S., OD
Pismo Beach, CA
"Finally we have a "plug and play" product to help us with crusting of the lids, itchiness, and redness, which are all symptoms of Demodex blepharitis. This has been a great benefit for my patients and has saved me countless hours in the lanes. Cliradex® is effective, easy to use, and well tolerated."
- S.S., MD
Lawrenceville, NJ

“One of the most difficult blepharitis patients we have in our office is an ODs sister. She came back after a month on the Cliradex® product and was dramatically improved. The result was impressive...”
- K.W., OD, MD
Indianapolis, IN

"I have very much been amazed by the AmnioGraft®. I am a fairly high volume pterygium surgeon and as a cornea specialist I get many referrals for recurrent pterygiums. AmnioGraft® has been invaluable in my practice."
- Amin Ashrafzadeh, MD
"I have used AMT in four eyes with Salzmann's nodular corneal dystrophy, and in several other severely scarred or recurrent pterygia, all with good results. I am very impressed with the anti-inflammatory effects of the AmnioGraft®, and am considering other uses."- Maxwell A. Helfgott, MD
"When I travel out of the country, I am able to use this product with confidence because of the positive results I have received from using it at St. Joseph's Hospital in Orange, CA. During my medical missions to Kabul, Afghanistan and Colombia, donated AmnioGraft® was used, and I was extremely pleased with the outcome. Several children with chemical burns and trauma from land mine injury were treated with these grafts...There was one woman who traveled for 5 hours from the mountains...she was found to have corneal scleral thinning. PROKERA® was used and after following her up for a week, I was very pleased with the results." - Aisha Simjee, MD, FACS
"I wanted to thank you for helping me with a difficult case of Stevens Johnson recently...the patient did extraordinarily well, recovering 20/20 vision in each eye with an ocular surface that looks pristine now a few months after her acute episode. I do not think this outcome would have been possible without AmnioGraft®."- Steven Safran, MD
"I'm happy to write about the success I've had with PROKERA® for a variety of indications...Patients with alkali and other chemical injuries, mucous membrane pemphigoid, and Stevens Johnson also do very well with PROKERA®. Delayed re-epithelialization from inflammatory conditions and other causes usually turns around fast with this technology. I have not had similar success with dehydrated amniotic membrane preparations. There is much data to support the use of cryopreserved amniotic membrane, which is hardly a new treatment modality." - Robert Mack, MD
"Using AmnioGraft® for pterygium excision is much less painful for the patient [than conjunctival autograft], and the results are beautiful...I am just a happy customer. Best of luck."
- Marc H. Shomer, MD, PhD