Patients Guide to AmnioGraft®

What is AmnioGraft®?

AmnioGraft® is amniotic membrane tissue that is used by eye surgeons around the world to protect, repair and heal damaged eye surfaces.

What is amniotic membrane tissue?

Amniotic membrane is part of the placenta. It is the tissue closest to the baby throughout development in the womb. Amniotic membrane protects the baby from any harm and it has natural therapeutic actions which help the baby develop.

Why is AmnioGraft® used in eye surgery?

Helps the eye heal:
AmnioGraft® has therapeutic actions that help damaged eye surfaces heal faster. Eyes treated with AmnioGraft® have quicker healing, less pain, less scarring, and less inflammation.

Protects the eye surface:
AmnioGraft® is thin and clear like the tissue on the surface of your eye. It is used to replace damaged tissue on the surface of your eye and provide protection after surgery.

How long will AmnioGraft® be on my eye?

The length of time AmnioGraft® will be on your eye depends on the type of surgery you are having. Sometimes doctors use AmnioGraft® to replace tissue on your eye surface and AmnioGraft® will naturally become part of your eye as your eye heals. Other times doctors use AmnioGraft® to cover the surface of your eye. In these cases, AmnioGraft® will dissolve while your eye is healing or your doctor will remove AmnioGraft® after the healing has taken place.

Ask your doctor about the type of procedure you are going to have and how long the tissue will remain on your eye.

Is AmnioGraft® a new treatment?

AmnioGraft® has been commercially available since 1997 and is utilized by physicians all over the world. The use of AmnioGraft® is supported by hundreds of publications for treating eye diseases such as corneal defects, partial stem cell deficiency, conjunctivochalasis, pterygium, chemical burns, symblepharon and many other ocular surface conditions.

Where does the amniotic membrane come from?

The placentas used to prepare AmnioGraft® are donated by consenting mothers after cesarean section (C-Section) births. Mothers that donate are fully informed, have healthy lifestyles, and are tested against infectious diseases prior to donation.

Is AmnioGraft® safe?

AmnioGraft® is a safe, effective treatment provided by a tissue bank regulated by the FDA. The tissue has passed many quality control tests before it is provided to your doctor. Ask your doctor if you are concerned about the risks of receiving a human tissue transplantation.

About AmnioGraft®:

Cryopreserved amniotic membrane (AmnioGraft®) is the only amniotic membrane tissue that aids in ocular surface wound repair and wound healing. The natural properties of the tissue have been proven to aid in healing, reduce pain, minimize scarring, and decrease inflammation.

Ask your physician today about using AmnioGraft® to treat your ocular surface condition.

AmnioGraft® Photos

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