AmnioGraft® is the amniotic membrane allograft of choice for ophthalmologists around the world because of its unique ability to repair and heal wounds. AmnioGraft® serves as a tissue replacement and delivers the amniotic membrane’s unique wound repair and wound healing actions that improve surgical outcomes by preventing scarring, reducing inflammation, reducing the formation of abnormal blood vessels, and minimizing patient pain.

In addition to its wound repair and wound healing actions, AmnioGraft® also reduces surgical times because it does not require rehydration, it is easy to handle and suture and conserves the patient’s tissue for other use.

Indications for use:
AmnioGraft® improves surgical outcomes for a variety of eye surgeries including:

  • Pterygium
  • Conjuntivochalasis
  • Corneal defects
  • High-risk trabeculectomies
  • Leaking glaucoma blebs
  • Chemical burns
  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
  • Strabismus
  • Many other procedures

AmnioGraft® amniotic membrane allografts are 50 – 100 µm thick and available in 5 sizes to fit any sized ocular defect.  Mouse-over the catalog numbers below to see indications appropriate for each product size.

1.5 x 1.0 cm
2.0 x 1.5 cm
2.5 x 2.0 cm
3.5 x 3.5 cm
5.0 x 5.0 cm

AmnioGraft® Handling:

AmnioGraft® is supplied in an easy to use dual peel pouch. Use sterile smooth forceps or gloves to remove the inner pouch containing the tissue. The clear inner pouch may be introduced to the sterile field. Using sterile scissors, cut below the sealed line of the inner pouch and remove AmnioGraft® using smooth sterile forceps. Once retrieved from the sterile, clear inner pouch, AmnioGraft® can be easily removed from its carrier paper using a dry surgical sponge or 0.12 forceps.

The tissue is ready for transplantation immediately after removing it from the carrier paper without the need for rehydration. Bio-Tissue’s unique cryopreservation method retains the tissue’s natural tensile strength which makes this naturally strong tissue easy to handle and suture.

AmnioGraft® is always manufactured with the stromal side of the tissue attached to the carrier paper. It is easy to determine the orientation of AmnioGraft® after it has been removed from its carrier paper using a dry surgical sponge. The dry sponge will stick to the stromal side, but it will not stick to the basement membrane side.


AmnioGraft® is shipped in a temperature controlled container and can be kept in the box until the expiration date and time on the outer container. Once removed from the shipping container, AmnioGraft® can be easily stored in standard refrigeration or freezer devices using the following guidelines:

Storage Time

Storage Device

Storage Temperature

Until expiration date on the tissue package
(media frozen solid)

-80°C Freezer

-85°C to -50°C
(-121°F to -58°F)

1 year after receipt
or until expiration on outer product package,
whichever comes first
(media in liquid state)

Standard home freezer

-49°C to 0°C
(-56°F to 32°F)

3 months after receipt
or until expiration on outer product package,
whichever comes first
(media in liquid state)

Standard home refrigerator

1°C to 10 °C
(33.8°F to 50 °F)

Until expiration date written on outer shipping container

Unopened insulated container

2°C to 20°
(35.6°F to 68°F)

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AmnioGraft® Photos

AmnioGraft Outside Pouch
AmnioGraft Peelable Pouch
AmnioGraft Peeloff
AmnioGraft Sticky_Side
AmnioGraft Stretched