Clinical Case Management

Neel Desai, MD

Neel Desai, MD, discusses the use of bypassing steroids in favor of the anti-inflammatory, anti-scarring properties in the biologic corneal bandage that restores the ocular surface without compromising the epithelial healing process.

Robert Mack, MD

Robert Mack, MD, discusses a new treatment option for recurrent corneal erosion, a common ocular disorder. PROKERA® can be used to restore corneal integrity, regain epithelial attachments, and prevent recurrence.

Terrence O’Brien, MD

Terrence O’Brien, MD, discusses how the use of biologics in ophthalmology has now become the standard of care in a variety of ocular surface conditions. Ophthalmologists now have an in-office treatment option with PROKERA®, a biologic corneal bandage, to promote wound healing and reduce the overall risk of scar formation.

W. Barry Lee, MD

W. Barry Lee, MD recounts how a herpes simplex infection required a corneal transplant which healed in a few short days, instead of the expected weeks, through the use of a biologic corneal bandage.