PROKERA® products are the only FDA-cleared therapeutic tissue products that reduce inflammation and promote healing of the ocular surface. Whether managing disease, trauma, or post-operative care, healing of the ocular surface is of paramount concern because it directly affects your patient’s comfort and appearance, and most importantly their vision.

Mild to Moderate Conditions
such as:
Moderate to Severe Conditions
such as:
Severe Conditions
such as:
Keratitis (Microbial, HSV) Neurotrophic PED  Chemical Burns 
Common Dry Eye
Salzmann’s Nodular Degeneration
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
Recurrent Corneal Erosions
Severe Infectious Keratitis
 Severe Corneal Ulcers
Corneal Ulcers
Post PRK Haze
 Severe Corneal Wounds
Corneal Abrasions/Wounds Corneal Wounds
  Post DSEK for Bullous Keratopathy 

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