Vision, Mission and Values

Company Vision – ‘To be the leader in the regenerative biomaterial industry.’

In the coming 5 years, we envision that TissueTech will be the leader in the regenerative biomaterial industry, based on our superior platform technology, our constant scientific discoveries, and our commitment to continuously build the commercial infrastructure. Over 18 years ago, we entered into ophthalmology as the first company in the medical community to introduce the utilization of amniotic membrane and umbilical cord as regenerative biomaterials, preserving their anti-scarring, anti-inflammatory, and pro-wound healing therapeutic actions with our patented CryoTek™ Method. Today, the medical community has accepted our technology as the standard of care in treating many diseases. As the market heats up and competition increases, we plan to stay ahead of the curve by expanding our clinical uses and overcoming regulatory and reimbursement barriers. We believe TissueTech is currently among the top three companies in the regenerative biomaterial industry. Based on our edge in scientific and clinical knowledge and our commitment to invest in our technology, we see TissueTech at the forefront of this evolving industry within 5 years.

Company Mission – ‘To deliver innovative products of human origin for regenerative healing’.

Our scientists discovered the abundant biological properties in human amniotic membrane and umbilical cord tissue that can promote regenerative healing. It is our mission to deliver the therapeutic benefits of this tissue by developing innovative and high quality products for different disease indications.

Our Corporate Values:

To provide guidance as to how we behave and conduct our business, our Executive Leadership Team developed the following principles:

  • Place patients first with high quality products and services.
  • Promote innovative medical treatments.
  • Foster mutual respect to help people reach their potential.
  • Expect excellent performance with integrity.
  • Generate financial rewards for shareholders and employees