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Healio / Primary Care Optometry News – June 2017 Video: Amniotic membrane speeds healing 46-89d1-bf02dba2d8d0%7D/video-amniotic-membrane-speeds-healing

Ophthalmology Management – June 2017 Bio-Tissue Makes the “5 D’s” Available for All

Healio / Ocular Surgery News – May 2017
Video: DREAM study demonstrates Prokera Slim eases dry eye disease in severe cases

OphthalmologyWeb – May 2017
Highlights from the ASCRS 2017 Exhibit Hall

OphthalmologyWeb / OptometryWeb – May 2017
ASCRS – Bio-Tissue reports new research- Expands Cliradex availability

Healio / Ocular Surgery News – May 2017
ASCRS – Self retained amniotic membrane promising treatment for ocular surface health 8-458b-8d52-3bb94e1cdef6%7D/self-retained-amniotic-membrane-promising-treatment-for-ocular-surface-health

Ocular Surgery News – May 2017
Surgical Manuevers column: Deep pterygium excision can pose surgical challenge

Healio / Ocular Surgery News – May 2017
AM-UC drops can quicken re-epithelialization after PRK, PTK 8-458b-8d52-3bb94e1cdef6%7D/self-retained-amniotic-membrane-promising-treatment-for-ocular-surface-health

EyeWorld Video – May 2017
Video: Results of the DREAM Study

EyeWorld – May 2017, Cover Feature
Treating the cornea before cataract surgery: Primer for dry eye diagnosis and treatment before cataract surgery

EyeWorld – May 2017, Cover Feature
Treating the cornea before cataract surgery: Optimizing the ocular surface with amniotic therapy

Optometric Office – May 2017
New Products Gallery: New Light Foam Lid Cleanser from Cliradex ALLERY-MAY-2017-6046.aspx

Optometric Office – April 2017
Lid Hygiene Products at a Glance: Cliradex and Cliradex Light

Global Newswire – April 2017
New York City and Bronx area Optometrist Pelham Parkway Vision Center is pleased to announce that they will be making PROKERA® products available to their clients. rist-Pelham-Parkway-Vision-Center-Now-Offering-Innovative-PROKERA-Treatment-for-Dry-Eye.html

Citizen Tribune – April 2017
TARR Eye & Vision center is the first eye care provider in the Lakeway Area to offer patients PROKERA

Healio / Primary Care Optometry News – April 2017 Video
Prokera insertion an ‘optometric friendly’ procedure 3b-b8b6-0908f7cc0bb9%7D/video-prokera-insertion-an-optometric-friendly-procedure

Healio / Ocular Surgery News – January 2017
Surgeons should have ‘low threshold’ for Prokera use in corneal disease

Advanced Ocular Care – November / December 2016
Innovations in Regenerative Medicine

Advanced Ocular Care – November / December 2016
Industry Leaders Discuss Collaborative Care, Consolidation, and More

Healio / PCON – November 2016
Maintenance Therapy Used to Treat Demodex Blepharitis 4b20-aa4a-3d0455279c5a%7D/video-signs-symptoms-of-dry-eye-disease-improve-with-use-of-cryopreserved-amniotic-membrane

Ophthalmology Business – November 2016
The opportunity in dry eye is the chance to improve patient outcomes

Healio / OSN – November 2016
Signs, symptoms of dry eye disease improve with use of cryopreserved amniotic membrane 07-8dc9-c41e15767e93%7D/video-maintenance-therapy-used-to-treat-demodex-blepharitis

Healio / PCON – November 2016
Cryopreserved membranes help provide better, more efficient care

Ophthalmic Professional – November 2016
Create a Process to Ensure Patient’s Don’t Leave without Scheduling or Committing to Treatment

OphthalmologyWeb – November 2016 AAO 2016 Meeting Highlights Part II

Advanced Ocular Care – October 2016
Infinity Stone: The Amniotic Membrane Portal to the Future of Regenerative Eye Care, by Michael Cooper, OD

The Economics of Superior Technology in the Era of Health Care Reform, by John Rumpakis, OD, MBA

EyeWorld Video – October 2016
Corneal nerve regeneration with amniotic membrane tissue

EyeWorld Video – October 2016
PROKERA amniotic membrane for ocular surface optimization prior to cataract surgery

OSN – September 2016
Cataract surgery moves beyond basics to reach a refractive mindset 6197b6-98a1-4dde-a323-2c888ab1b867%7D/cataract-surgery-moves-beyond-basics-to-reach- a-refractive-mindset

PCON Video Interview – September 2016 Prevalence of Blepharitis 74-bee8-1d37b9d1d989%7D/video-prevalence-of-blepharitis-high-in-od-practice

Ophthalmology Management – August 2016
Giving Birth to a Dry Eye Clinic, by Patti Barkey, COE, Sheetal Shah, MD and Zachary Smith, MHSA

Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today – July 2016
Adjunct Treatments for Dry Eye Disease, Callan Navitsky, Senior Editor, CRST Europe

Optometry Times On Line – July 2016
4 steps to beating blepharitis, Walt Whitley, OD, MBA and Warren Whitley, OD,0

Optometric Management – July 2016
DED Symptom Solutions, Marc Bloomenstein, OD

Screen for Lid Hygiene, Melissa Barnett, OD

Aqueous Deficient DED, Josh Johnston, OD

Manage Dry Eye Disease, Ami Ranani, OD

Healio – July 2016
Prokera successfully treats abradions, erosions d7-b68f-280abcf3ea5f%7D/prokera-successfully-treats-abrasions-erosions

Eyeworld – July 2016
To use or not to use amniotic membrane

Optometic Management – July 2016
A Look at what is and will be in your tool box

Optometic Management – July 2016 Screen for Lid Hygiene

Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today – July 2016 Adjunct treatments for dry eye disease

Eye Wire Today – June 2016
Bio-Tissue Revamps website to Educate Consumers About Eye Health and Wellness

Advanced Ocular Care – May / June 2016
Cryopreserved Amniotic Membrane Offers Advantages, Nathan Rock, OD

Advanced Ocular Care – May / June 2016
Case study: Cryopreserved amniotic membrane offers advantages

Advanced Ocular Care – May / June 2016 Amniotic Membrane for Ocular Surface Disease

Optometric Management – May 2016 What’s News: Prokera Clear;s-new