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Packaging & Storage

General Tissue Storage Information

Bio-Tissue® products (PROKERA®, AmnioGraft®, & AmnioGuard®) are shipped in a temperature-controlled container and can be kept in the shipping container until the marked expiration date/time. Once removed from the shipping container, the products should be stored in a refrigerator or freezer according to the following guidelines:

                            Location & Temperature                                                                                        Use After Receipt
Unopened insulated shipping container Within the expiration date printed on outer shipping box
-80°C → 4°C (-112°F → 39.2°F) Example:
ultra-low temperature freezer, standard freezer, or standard refrigerator
Within the expiration date printed on product packaging (shelf-life is 2 years from date of manufacture)

Refer to Bio-Tissue’s Amniotic Membrane individual Product Inserts for more details.

Product Inserts


Download the PROKERA® product inserts and technical guide.

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Canadian Version



Download AMNIOGRAFT® product inserts.


Download AMNIOGUARD® product inserts.