AmnioGuard is a biologic glaucoma shunt tube graft that is used by ophthalmic surgeons to cover a wide variety of tube shunts from glaucoma drainage devices. Due to its high tensile strength and optimally designed thickness, AmnioGuard can reduce surgical times because it does not require rehydration, and is easy to handle and suture.

Reduce Inflammation, Promote Healing

Created using the Company’s patented CryoTek® cryopreservation method, AmnioGuard delivers the natural properties of the amniotic membrane to reduce inflammation and promote regenerative healing. AmnioGuard is a resilient and single-layer tissue which provides strong tectonic support, while allowing visualization of the glaucoma drainage device, and is the optimal thickness for implantation.

The Healing Process

AmnioGuard is minimally manipulated to retain the natural cytokines and growth factors in the tissue matrix, which suppress inflammation and promote ocular surface healing. The cryopreserved amniotic membrane was developed to cover a wide variety of glaucoma drainage devices to ensure superior surgical outcomes. AmnioGuard® exerts anti-inflammatory and anti-scarring actions and works synergistically with a patient’s own system to enhance and speed tissue repair, resulting in a calm, white eye with minimal discomfort.