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Before and After Cliradex®

Cliradex Before and After
No other product on the market has worked for me like Cliradex®. Cliradex, with the 4-Terpineol(T40) from tea tree oil, offers exciting potential. In my practice, I have tremendous demands and a huge waiting list for this product...- S.S., OD, Pismo Beach, CA

"Finally we have a "plug and play" product to help us with crusting of the lids, itchiness, and redness, which are all symptoms of Demodex blepharitis. This has been a great benefit for my patients and has saved me countless hours in the lanes. Cliradex is effective, easy to use, and well tolerated." - S.S., MD, Lawrenceville, NJ

One of the most difficult blepharitis patients we have in our office is an OD's sister. She came back after a month on the Cliradex product and was dramatically improved. The result was impressive... - K.W., OD, MD, Indianapolis, IN
Cliradex Light is a great addition to the current product line that I will recommend for patients with general blepharitis and ocular rosacea, as well as for ongoing maintenance of Demodex following treatment with Cliradex towelettes. The dispenser is easy for patients to use, and the foam formulation is comfortable and refreshing. - D.B., MD, Fishkill, NY

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