Preparing PROKERA® for Use:

  • Remove PROKERA® from inner pouch
  • Rinse PROKERA® with sterile saline solution to prevent potential stinging from preservation media
  • Patient may experience a temporary foreign body sensation upon insertion

Prokera Insertion and Removal Demonstration Video

PROKERA® Insertion:

PROKERA Insertion
Prokera Followup Care

PROKERA® and Patient Management

A tape-tarsorrhaphy (as needed) over the lid crease, narrows the eye opening, keeps PROKERA® centered & minimizes discomfort. Exposure may also cause undesirable thinning of the amniotic membrane tissue.

Follow-up Care:

  • Follow-up in one week
  • Fluorescein may be used with PROKERA® to check healing
  • PROKERA® Membrane dissolves as healing occurs

PROKERA® Removal